DSC Goals

DSC Vision Statement: The vision of the DSC is to engage the Durham community in supporting and promoting the sports spirit that exists both historically and in present time by increasing the capacity of local sporting events to host events with strong participation rates, and by working with national event owners to recruit sporting events that provide positive community impact. 

The DSC’s focus is on three areas right now:

  1. The first is locally owned and operated events. Local event owners have been working hard to advance sport in Durham over the years and the DSC will ensure that they are taken care of and supported.
  2. The second is the recruitment of sporting events to the community. Since the DSC is funded through the occupancy tax via the City and County of Durham, we will bring in more outside events that can positively impact the community while promoting overnight stays within Durham.
  3. The last area of focus is community recognition. The DSC is a new organization and working with the DCVB, business partners, media outlets, and local advocates will help raise awareness of DSC's important role in the Durham community.