Why Durham

Durham is a place that champions competitiveness, sportsmanship and passion.  Its history is rooted in resiliency and was built by a community that has always found a way to come together, face adversity and get back up.  Durham has been an underdog for some time, but today stands tall as a major contender for new business, restaurants, entertainment options—and sports.

The newly created Durham Sports Commission (DSC) carries the same team spirit as it champions Durham to local organizations and sports planners across the country.  

The DSC champions development and builds experiences for event owners that make an impact, encourage growth and benefit stakeholders.  The DSC also champions play, encouraging a complete experience for players, fans and families.  It champions Durham, showcasing the area’s all-star amenities as it promotes, attracts and supports sports event at every level.

Why Durham?  Its accessible, affordable and available.  It’s a homerun for event planners, families and athletes.  It’s a day’s drive or an hour-long flight away from half the U.S. population.  It offers something for everyone and welcomes niche sports.  Paired with the DSC’s marketing support, grant-making opportunities and planning services – a better question is really: Why not?